TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunication) and IP (Intellectual Property)

TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunication) 

We are in the era of technological breakthrough and telecommunications have formed an inseparable part of our daily lives.  The exponential growth and progress in the TMT sector have also posed new legal challenges to all stakeholders.

With our strong track record in dispute resolution, in particular arbitration, we are unsurprisingly at the forefront of assisting our clients in managing and resolving disputes arising from various aspects of the TMT activities.

Our litigation and arbitration experience in this area is wide ranging, as can be seen from the following highlights:

  • Geo-referencing database and maps via Global Positioning System for provision of public utility
  • Multiple computer software and system implementation projects for large corporations and banking industry, including Islamic banking software
  • Mobile application
  • Web-based application for national healthcare registry
  • Cyber scam/fraud
  • Telecommunication infrastructure

In addition to litigation and arbitration experience, our partner, Choon Hon Leng, is also experienced in advising clients on other aspects of TMT practices, including:

  • Cyber security and data leak
  • Design and transmission of Digital Video Broadcasting system
  • IT system and software implementation projects (including business application/process software programme and data analytics programme) for various industries or sectors – banking, telecommunications and stock-trading
  • Advisory on telecommunication-related matters – regulatory compliance, telecommunication infrastructure, network and spectrum, collaboration, authority action, data security, B2B and B2C downstream service provision etc.
  • Domain name dispute resolution

IP (Intellectual Property)

Our partner, Choon Hon Leng, has led various litigations involving all major aspects of intellectual property disputes, including:

  • Patent infringement
  • Trademark infringement and passing off
  • Copyright infringement
  • Industrial design infringement
  • Rectification of register – registration, reinstatement and expungement
  • Trade description
  • Domain name disputes

The subject matters and industries that these actions involved cover a wide and diverse range – they include oil and gas production platform, construction machinery, construction material, fast moving consumer goods, furniture and fittings, garment and apparel, food, electronics, tobacco product, personal beauty products, education, web-based application etc.  We have assisted clients in seeking for and defending against various reliefs associated with IP disputes – injunctive relief (including Anton Pillar Order), monetary relief, restitution, public apology etc.  

Our wealth of experience dealing with these different industries also allowed us to work with experts from very different disciplines from engineering to computer technology.  Our ability to quickly grasp the technical aspects of the disputes, built upon our vast experience in dealing with construction, engineering and TMT matters, provides us with a cutting-edge that enables us to provide our clients with precise, prompt and practical and strategical advice and services.