Project & Infrastructure

Large-scale public infrastructure projects and private sector driven development projects have always been the main engine of growth in Malaysia.  We, as a prominent construction-centric legal firm in Malaysia, are capably equipped to assist stakeholders in this area to achieve their business objectives.  

In addition to but in synergy with the dispute resolution works that our partners are renowned for, our partners have similarly strong and established credentials in handling large scale projects for clients covering the entire project lifecycle from inception to completion, and thereafter to project closure.  

In recent years, our partner, Choon Hon Leng, is particularly active and well regarded for railway infrastructure projects.  The recent railway infrastructure projects that he has substantial involvements in the project documentation (including preparation of the project main contract documents) and advisory front include:

  • Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Line 2
  • Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Line 3
  • Johor Bahru – Singapore Rapid Transit System
  • Kuala Lumpur Monorail fleet expansion
  • Klang Valley Light Rail Transit Line 3
  • Kuching Urban Transportation System (Automated Rapid Transit)
  • Gemas-JB electrified double-tracking railway
  • Klang Valley Double Track Project I

In addition to railway projects, the partners of the firm also have extensive experience and involvements in other infrastructure and development projects for airports, highways, heavy industry manufacturing plants (such as steel manufacturing and tile manufacturing), hi-tech manufacturing plants (such as pharmaceutical, wafer and medical equipment), commercial, residential and mixed developments, government-initiated affordable housing projects, joint venture etc., covering various procurement methods including EPCC, Turnkey, Design and Build, traditional delivery and hybrid methods, whether using standard form contracts (such as FIDIC, PAM, JKR etc.) or bespoke contracts.  

We believe that with our unique blend of dispute resolution and project implementation experiences, coupled with the deep understanding of the industry, we are able to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that take into account technical, budgetary, timeline, regulatory and governance requirements and expectations, all within a value proposition package. 

Other than project-specific services, our firm is also able to assist clients to standardize and streamline their construction-related contracts to conform with the clients’ risk profile, corporate policy, compliance requirements and internal processes.  Our partner has successfully completed such exercise for at least 4 publicly-listed property developers, and many other smaller-scale exercises involving other entities.  Quite apart from the obvious benefit of making contract management and project administration becoming more compliant, synchronized and harmonized, such exercise also allows our clients the opportunity to review and examine their existing practices, detect weaknesses and make improvements thereto.