Construction & Energy

The firm was set up in January 2019 and we specialise in commercial, corporate and construction litigation and arbitration. Our lawyers are very experienced in these areas of law and have been involved in a number of significant cases. Our senior lawyers are considered leaders in their respective fields and have been widely recognised for their expertise. In addition to our expertise in commercial and construction related disputes, we have also developed an expertise in project related disputes, joint venture projects, energy and insurance related disputes.

We regularly appear in the Malaysian Courts dealing with all manner of litigation. Our practice is structured such that in any matter we have a team of lawyers involved in each dispute. Our lawyers also regularly appear in the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.

Apart from appearing regularly in the Malaysian Courts, we have a very active arbitration and adjudication practice. Our lawyers have conducted more than 70 arbitrations domestically and internationally and more than 60 adjudications. In addition to construction related arbitration disputes, we are experienced in energy related disputes. Our expertise includes power plants, biofuel and oil and gas related disputes. In terms of non-construction arbitration, we have been involved in disputes concerning shareholders agreements, supply agreements, breach of technology agreements and commercial disputes.

Our experience in international arbitration includes having to deal with and appear in arbitrations conducted in Singapore, India, Dubai and London.