Khor Yong Shi

Yongshi was called to the Bar in 2016 and was promoted as a partner of the Firm in January 2024.  She graduated with the Bachelor of Law degree from the National University of Malaysia and has recently completed her Masters in Law programme with Kyushu University, Japan in 2022. 

The main industries that Yongshi services are in construction and energy, where she has been focusing on since the commencement of her career. While her focal point is in dispute resolution, her services have expanded to providing advice to clients to overcome various issues that clients encounter during project implementation stage. Her career highlights thus far include, among others, the following: 

  • Represented clients in contentious dispute resolution proceedings involving among others, construction of high-end residential, commercial and mixed development projects, hospital projects, refinery plants and water treatment plants;
  • Advising clients on project implementation and dispute management on various issues arising from construction contracts, covering projects of various nature including large-scale transport infrastructure project, commercial development and residential projects;
  • Advising clients on accidents involving fire and explosion incidents at an oil terminal and tankage facility and mishaps at a factory involving fatality. 

Apart from construction and energy, Yongshi also represented and advised clients on other general commercial matters including corporate disputes and rescue, enforcement of securities, property purchase and tenancy agreements. 

As Yongshi is fluent in Mandarin, she works closely with various Chinese state-owned enterprises, including being directly involved in the in-house legal affair management of these enterprises.  Through her direct experience working with them and being in the organisation, she has gained a deep understanding of Chinese corporate and social culture and has developed the unique capability of bridging the cultural differences and blending such culture to fit into the operational requirements in Malaysian setting.